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Reserve this BMW X1 NOW with a small 250€ deposit and enjoy outstanding benefits:

  • 1 Year warranty that covers all areas of Spain (+1 extra month FREE)
  • Registration of documents included
  • Road Tax paid for the current year
  • Pay a small deposit now and the remaining on delivery / pick-up day
  • 24h to change your mind and get 100% deposit back
  • FREE secure storage until delivery / pick-up day
  • Car will be washed and valeted for delivery / pick-up day
  • FREE full tank of fuel for online reservations
  • All components tested and working
  • Many happy customers with positive reviews
  • Economic transport to all mainland Spain and Balearic (Select below)
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BMW X1 - 2015
Fuel: Diesel
Gearbox: Automatic
KM: 60000 km
Quantity: 1

Registration documents
Quantity: 1

Quantity: 1 year (+1 extra month FREE)

Transport / delivery options

Prices for delivery of a vehicle are calculated by selecting the Province of the address you would like us to deliver the vehicle (Delivery is valid for any address or Airport located inside a Province selected in Spain). Airport deliveries are available from Mon - Fri / 8am - 8pm (Excluding bank holidays).

Base deposit
250,00 €
+ Transport fee
0,00 €
Total deposit (+ transport fee) required now:
250,00 €

Remaining amount to be paid on delivery / pick-up:
19.245,00 €

Important information and conditions:

Once you have reserved and placed a deposit you will be contacted by one of our staff members shortly requesting some additional information and documents in order to process and complete your reservation.

The payment of the deposit (plus Transport if applicable) for this vehicle gives you up to 10 days period to pick-up / or request delivery to your address in Spain that you have selected previously in the selector above, after the initial 10 days period we will require further action from your part, rest assured the vehicle will be well taken care of FREE of charge in our secure storage until pick-up / delivery day:

  • Collection in up to 11 days 50% of amount due: (9.622,50 €)
  • Collection in up to 21 days 75% of amount due: (14.433,75 €)
  • Collection in more than 30 days 100% of amount due: (19,245 €)

Pick-up / delivery:

All our vehicles are best described as in very good condition, fully functional, with only the most minor imperfections expected for it's age and mileage, if a vehicle has major damage that was not previously described on our website / email exchange you are entitled to refuse the vehicle and request a refund, however we are so confident and proud of our 100% success rate that we hope the vehicle and our service exceeds your expectations.

Most of our cars are ready to pick-up or be delivered in as soon as 24h / 72h but in certain circumstances there is a possibility it can take up to 5 - 12 days, specially new additions to our stock that are pending cleaning and servicing, in any case you will be contacted by a member of staff and informed at all steps, if you have a tight schedule please contact us beforehand.

Second payment options:

For the remaining payment we accept various different payment methods on pick-up / delivery day or also previous to this day if you wish:
  • BANK TRANSFER, from your bank in Spain, (physical office) after seeing and testing the vehicle you must handover a copy of the transaction document stamped by your bank to the delivery person , Mon - Fri / 9:00am - 13:30pm (excludes bank holidays).
  • CREDIT CARD, Payment can be made on our portable card machine after seeing and testing the vehicle, make sure you have your limits checked and / or lifted, most Spanish cards have a default spending limit of 600€ / 1200€ per month.
  • ONLINE BANK TRANSFER, If making payment by this method, then payment must be sent 48 hours prior to handover, to ensure we can verify we have received payment before releasing the car. (There are some exceptions for Sabadell & Lloyds customers, please contact us to discuss this if you wish).
  • CASH, The (artículo 7 de la Ley 7/2012, de 29 de octubre) law states that a business in Spain can accept up to 15.000€ cash from NON RESIDENTS and only 2.500€ from RESIDENTS, part cash and part card / bank transfers are not accepted.

Since Brexit took effect on 1 January 2021, banks within the EU are operating under a new set of rules which includes additional charges for payments made by card and bank transfer from UK / non-EU bank accounts. ln order to avoid unexpected charges when making a payment by non-EU bank, we therefore recommend that our clients inform themselves and find the best exchange possible.

If the remaining balance is paid either by bank transfer or credit/debit card from a UK / non-EU bank account you will incur a charge on the amount as follows:

Bank transfer 0,35% - Min.18€
Debit/Credit Card 1,80%
Debit/Credit Business card 2,20%

You have 24h to change your mind and get 100% deposit back, we will refund you the full amount providing you email us at before the 24h period valid from the time printed on the PDF order confirmation page, we also strongly recommend you to give us a call also on our opening hours.

Some certain special conditions requested to our staff in writing and accepted by us in writing such as an email can override the above, please contact us if not sure about the information above, we shall not be liable in any way for extra expenses caused to you such as flights, extra transport charges or any other types of costs or losses caused by not accepting and understanding the information above.

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